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Family Owned and Operated for Four Generations Uniquely Crafted Headstones and Monuments

Welcome to Woodlawn Memorials, Inc. We are a full-service monument company specializing in creating personalized granite and bronze memorials and headstones. We’re proud to be the largest provider of cemetery memorials in the Greater Boston area. You can always expect to find a large inventory of headstones in various colors, shapes and designs at our factory showroom located in Everett along the Chelsea and Revere line.

At Woodlawn Memorials, we design, carve, and letter our memorials right on our premises, assuring us the ability to maintain the highest levels of quality and service at the most reasonable price. This is why we’re confident that you will find our craftsmanship, service, and reliability to be superior above memorials sold by “store-front locations” or the many new “website only” monument dealers popping up on the internet today. As an independently owned Rock of Ages memorials representative, we offer a complete line of Rock of Ages branded granite memorials, cemetery markers, estate monuments and private mausoleums.

Each headstone crafted by Woodlawn Memorials is furnished with a written full-replacement warranty on both granite and craftsmanship. We also unconditionally guarantee each headstone or marker to meet your 100% satisfaction. Examples of our memorial craft can be viewed in our headstone portfolio section. We service all cemeteries statewide with monuments and engraving in Massachusetts and the southern New Hampshire.

Types of Memorials

Carving Options

We have a large selection of headstone designs that you can browse at our store. Woodlawn Memorials specializes in personalizing each monument or headstone to exact specifications.

Granite Markers

There are many colors and memorial designs to choose from. We have our own in-house artist and drafting department to assist you with your choices.

Bronze Markers

A bronze cemetery marker can be created in any size to conform with your cemetery or memorial park regulations. You can view some of our bronze memorial designs available today.

Civic Memorials

A civic memorial is much more than just stone. It is a visible expression of a community’s foundation and pride. Our memorials honor the past and inspiring future generations.


We have received several letters of appreciation and thanks from our very thoughtful customers. We are thankful to have helped so many families during especially hard times.


There are over 1,000 photos in our monument portfolio showing our etched monuments, flush markers, slant markers, granite benches, mausoleums, civic memorials and family headstones.


View some articles and updates about Woodlawn Memorials. Did you know that our work was featured in a Hollywood movie?


At Woodlawn Memorials, we design, carve and letter our memorials right on our premises, enabling us to maintain the highest levels of quality and service at the most reasonable price. We are proud to be the largest provider of cemetery memorials in the Boston area.


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