Community Service – Restoring Veterans Plaques and Memorials

The Moses G. Kotler M.D. Memorial at the Ferryway School, Malden – restored September 2017. David DeFilippo, of Woodlawn Memorials, has donated his services in restoring numerous bronze veterans plaques in the surrounding communities.  Many of the memorials honoring our veterans from World War I , World War II , Korea and Vietnam were erected many, many years ago, and as a result, have weathered badly over time leaving the bronze green and difficult to read. Woodlawn has volunteered its services and has proudly restored over 25 veteran, police and firefighter memorials over the past 10 years. 


At Woodlawn Memorials, we design, carve and letter our memorials right on our premises, enabling us to maintain the highest levels of quality and service at the most reasonable price. We are proud to be the largest provider of cemetery memorials in the Boston area.


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