Double upright headstones are generally for 2 or more people. They are also called companion headstones. For more examples of Double lot headstones, please visit our double monument gallery and our portfolio page for more options.

Barre Vermont granite in a steel finish with sculpted lilies and family name done in relief.  Erected in Riverside Cemetery, Saugus, MA

Double heart design in red granite with all sides polished. Shape carved lilies, erected in Lakeside Cemetery, Wakefield, MA

Unique shape headstone carved in bahama blue granite. The left side is rock pitched with deep roses. This beautiful headstone was erected in Forest Hills Cemetery, Lynnfield, MA

Jet black granite in heart shape with carved rose and hand etched double portrait. Erected in Waterside Cemetery, Marblehead, MA

P. G. Red Granite from India. Hand carved tree design This double size monument was erected in Fox Hill Cemetery, Billerica, MA

Laurentian Rose granite with carved roses. The background was tooled to give the design a better contrast. Erected in Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford, MA

Jet Black granite in heart shape with carved roses and hand etched double portrait. Erected in Riverside Cemetery, North Reading, MA

Cats eye granite cut in unique heart shape with cross and deep roses. Erected in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Lynn, MA

Hand carved holy family with unique top, fluted columns and shape carved grapes and leaves. Erected in Annunciation Cemetery, Danvers, MA

Blue Impala granite with two carved roses. Erected in Swampscott Cemetery, Swampscott MA

Meaney: Boulder style headstone with smooth panel for Celtic cross and shamrock design. Erected in woodbrook cemetery, Woburn, MA

Hand sculpted double angel design in midnight black granite. Erected in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Salem, MA