Granite Markers

There are many colors and memorial designs to choose from. We have our own in-house artist and drafting department, so we can also take your ideas to assist you in creating a custom personalized cemetery marker. For more examples of flat granite cemetery markers, please visit our granite markers gallery and our portfolio page for more options.

2′ x 1′ Flush Grave Marker in Jet Black Granite with hand etched portrait and rose. This grave marker was installed in Woodlawn Cemetery.

2′ x 1′ Granite Cemetery Marker in Barre Grey Granite with Deep Carved Rose. This memorial was installed in Wildwood Cemetery, Wilmington, MA.

2′ x 1′ India Black Granite Marker With Laser Etched Lighthouse Scene

2′ x 1′ Granite Marker in Evergreen Granite. Woodlawn Cemetery

2′-6″ x 1′-0″ Cemetery Memorial Marker in Blue Grey Granite with Shape Carved Design. This memorial marker was installed in Greenlawn Cemetery, Nahant MA

44″ x 13″ Granite Grave Marker in Gem Mist Granite with wedding rings. This marker was installed in Green Lawn Cemetery, Nahant

Black granite marker with custom etched scene in color. Erected in Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford, MA

Jet black granite with unique border design. Erected in the Gardens Cemetery, Boston, MA

Barre Vermont Granite in a steel (unpolished) finish with pencil rounded edges. Erected in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA

Impala Granite with cross, deep roses, Armenian lettering. Erected in Highland Meadow Cemetery, Belmont, MA

Boulder style double headstone. Smooth panels were made for the design and name. Erected in Woodbrook Cemetery, Woburn, MA

Hand etched blessed mother on black granite with skin lettering. Erected in Pine Grove Cemetery, Lynn, MA

Light Barre Vermont grey granite in a steel finish. Erected in Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA

Rubin red granite marker with book and wedding rings. erected in Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA

Laser etched design in color on absolute black granite. Erected in St. Joseph’s Cemetery, West Roxbury, MA

Barre Vermont granite foot marker with Arabic lettering. Erected in Gethsemane Cemetery,  Boston, MA

Sandblast St. Anthony on Cat’s Eye Granite, also featuring a hand etched American flag. Woodlawn Cemetery.

Sandblast lighthouse scene on North American Pink Granite. Erected in Lynn’s Pine Grove Cemetery, Lynn, MA

For more examples of double lot headstones, please visit our granite markers gallery and our portfolio page for more options. We serve anywhere in the “headstone hub” of Boston and beyond.


At Woodlawn Memorials, we design, carve and letter our memorials right on our premises, enabling us to maintain the highest levels of quality and service at the most reasonable price. We are proud to be the largest provider of cemetery memorials in the Boston area.


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