Certificate of Guarantee

Woodlawn Memorials’ Perpetual Warranty

This is to certify that the monument described on this certificate meets the high quality standards set by Woodlawn Memorials, Inc. It is also certified that all parts of this monument are manufactured out of  (name of granite) , and that no coloring matter, waterproofing on exposed surfaces or other injurious materials have been applied. Woodlawn Memorials, Inc. hereby guarantees to remedy or replace free of charge any defective portions due to their materials or workmanship. Replacement will be of a comparable grade of granite as nearly identical as possible to the original. This warranty extends to the original purchaser, the purchaser’s heirs or assignees.

Rock of Ages Memorial Warranties

In addition to our own written perpetual warranty in which we furnish on all of our granite memorials and monuments, the Rock of Ages seal mark and square seal brand granite memorials, headstones and cemetery markers offered by Woodlawn Memorials come furnished with Rock of Ages’ own written perpetual warranty as well as ours. To view the Rock of Ages Corp. written perpetual warranties, please click the links below.

Rock of Ages Full Perpetual Warranty  


At Woodlawn Memorials, we design, carve and letter our memorials right on our premises, enabling us to maintain the highest levels of quality and service at the most reasonable price. We are proud to be the largest provider of cemetery memorials in the Boston area.


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